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Bicycle holidays in the North of Sardinia: cycle touring routes

Bicycle holidays in the North of Sardinia: cycle touring routes

Bicycle tours in and around Palau, among scenic routes and the little bays of the island of La Maddalena.

The La Maddalena Archipelago, better known for its beautiful bays and heavenly inlets of crystal clear water is also the ideal place for outdoor sports, enthusiasts. Thanks to its geomorphologic characteristics, the beauty and uniqueness of its nature and the breathtaking landscapes, the inland part of the island lends itself perfectly well to hiking, jogging and long walks, as well as cycling, offering cycle trails during holidays in Northern Sardinia,.

A trip by bike, both for enthusiasts and those who want to get to know this sport, is the ideal way to discover the Gallura area and secret places near Palau.

Starting with the ferry from the tourist harbour at Palau,, just a few minutes from the Park Hotel Cala di Lepre,, you arrive on the island of La Maddalena,. From here you set off on a circular tour, with pleasant ascents among a natural setting rich in endemic plants and military batteries dating from the Eighteenth Century. After landing and leaving the beautiful small town of La Maddalena, behind, you continue with the ride between the granite outcrops and the lush Mediterranean vegetation and without having to face any great height differences:

Bicycle holidays in the North of Sardinia: cycle touring routes.

  • Stage1: you start with a gentle climb to the highest point of the island of La Maddalena, Guardia Vecchia,. Following the beautiful little bay of Cala Francese, which offers panoramic views of the colours of the granite and the different blues of the sea, you reach the old fort of San Vittorio, known as the "Guardia Vecchia" and which today is the Coast Guard military garrison.
  • Stage 2: the route continues northwards and you reach Baia Trinita, where the view stretches out to include the other islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago as far as the coastline of nearby Corsica.
  • Stage 3: you continue pedalling eastwards and towards the south along the island’s scenic route until you arrive at the white beach of Cala Lunga , and the southernmost part of the island, Porto Massimo.
  • Stage 4: a few metres further on, continuing along the downhill road, you arrive first at Costone beach, then the famous Spalmatore beach, awarded the blue flag in 2016 , with its characteristic bar on the beach and the Mediterranean greenery that envelops the coast.
  • Stage 5: our Archipelago bicycle tour, ends in the historic centre of La Maddalena. You can take advantage of the stop to visit the quaint side streets with their craft shops and cafes and you will be enchanted by the particular style of architecture, but above all from the history and unique traditions of a place that has been a strategic military point and crossroads for a range of foreign peoples for centuries, first of all the Genoese and then the Corsicans.

Bicycle tours in and around Palau, among scenic routes and the little bays of the island of La Maddalena.

With a small detour it is possible to cycle to Caprera,, connected to the larger island by a bridge. Here, where unspoilt Nature reigns supreme, you can visit the Compendio Garibaldino,, a house/museum where the Hero of Two Worlds lived and which is home to the tombs of the General himself, his children and Francesca, his last wife. Otherwise, you could visit the new technologic and interactive National Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial Museum,, which brings the entire story of Garibaldi to life for the visitor through a combination of multimedia systems and original documents.

This La Maddalena Archipelago route is a Northern Sardinia cycle tour, that is highly appreciated for the natural beauty of its setting, the colours and the history that you come across at every moment.

Bicycle enthusiasts , who spend their holidays at the bike hotel in Palau , the Park Hotel Cala di Lepre, can choose from a wide range of routes to do, also accompanied by expert guides including bicycle tours of the Costa Smeralda,, pedalling among the VIPs and the busy streets of Porto Cervo, or a mountain bike route from Luogosanto to Arzachena, discovering Sardinia’s archaeology.

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