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Battery Talmone: a dive into history between sea and nature

Battery Talmone: a dive into history between sea and nature

As Sardinia's first FAI property, the military fortress merges the beauty of nature with history. A seaside retreat between the beaches of Palau and Costa Serena.

If you want to add a dash of historical adventure to your seaside holiday in Northern Sardinia, a hike to Battery Talmone is just what you need. Imagine walking among the scents of juniper and myrtle, with beaches and coves as your backdrop – sounds good, right?

Battery Talmone is not just a charming place, but also a piece of Italian history. Built in the late 1700s at Punta Don Diego, this fortress was part of a broader defensive system consisting of about fifty forts, fortresses, and military batteries scattered across the Maddalena Archipelago. It became particularly important after the Unification of Italy, when La Maddalena hosted the royal fleet and maintained a strategic role until the Second World War, with sentry soldiers tasked with monitoring the stretch of sea that separates Sardinia from the island of Spargi.

Photo by Alessia Fresi

Battery Talmone, over a century of history

After decades of neglect, following the Treaty of Paris in 1947 which decreed its dismantling, in 2002 the Autonomous Region of Sardinia entrusted the site to FAI (Italian Environmental Fund), which initiated a major restoration. Thanks to these efforts and the support of the Municipality of Palau, today the Battery is open to the public. A unique opportunity to step back in time and imagine the tough life of the soldiers. The turret from which they watched the sea, the aiming station, the kitchens, the barracks, and even the large hall that housed forty-six hammocks.

In addition to recovery efforts, the FAI has always carried out activities to promote and enhance the territory. Thus, visiting the fortress can be paired with a short nature trek guided through the lush Mediterranean scrub, amidst the aromas of juniper, bay, and myrtle.

Photo by Alessia Fresi

Pair the visit of the military fortress with a nature hike

The hike can be booked online on the official website, via email or phone, along with the possibility to schedule small private events and treks at dawn or dusk. The path to reach the fortress starts at Cala Serena, a destination just ten minutes by car from Palau and Park Hotel Cala di Lepre. The route involves a 45-minute walk on a slightly rugged dirt trail, between wind-sculpted granite rocks and hidden bays like Cala Scilla, where a brief stop for refreshments is possible.

Photo by Alessia Fresi

Also, Park Hotel Cala di Lepre, part of Delphina hotels & resorts, supports FAI as a Corporate Golden Donor for the protection of beauty, culture, and the natural heritage of the country. If this year you're looking for an experience that combines culture, history, and spectacular natural landscapes, Battery Talmone awaits you. Pack your backpack, put on a pair of comfortable shoes, and immerse yourself in this unique adventure.

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